Servers update

With the growth of the community and player base, I have decided to upgrade the server to accommodate new scripts and features without having to worry that the server will lag or cause major desync and make it unplayable or not fun. With the switch in hosting companies, it allows us to create multiple new servers, as well as have a test server and not have to wait til midnight when everyone is off to test out the new features we wanna add into the server, as well as increase the player slot for the server. Currently, we have plans to develop our own Arma 3 Life that will be completely built from scratch, also creating a darkrp server on Garry's mod and a PVP server on unturned as I do know a lot of people who would enjoy them. This is also good for the community by reaching across multiple different games as It will increase our player base and will be able to meet new exciting people. As always if you guys have any thoughts or ideas on this matter please don't hesitate to comment below or talk to me in private, just send me a message on TeamSpeak and I will try my best to get back to you asap.