Donation Rewards

Recently we have decided to upgrade where we host our server from to help increase the performance on the server as well as host other servers for our community such as another Arma 3 server, and another one that I will be posting more info on soon. Since we have decided to upgrade the server I have came up with a reward system for those who choose to donate to the server to help keep it running. I will be constantly adding new rewards to this because I deeply appreciate everyone who donates to help us. So far I have decided to add in donation goals where if we meet half our goal, all of our goal, and achieve a certain amount over the goal I will have paychecks increased by a certain percent, will lower the prices of in-game items, such as rebel gear or gun store weapons, and increase the money that you receive from robbing fed, or drug runs. If you guys can think of anything that you think should be added to the donation rewards please let me know as I would love to hear what you guys think!

As always thank you for the support that you guys bring and for everything you do, we would be nothing without you all!!!